Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors


Spacelabs 90207 ABP Monitors

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Up to 48 hour recording period
  • Independently programmable measurement periods and inflation frequencies

The Spacelabs 90207 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor is the monitor of choice in over 95% of clinical trials and is recognised as the industry gold standard. It’s compact size, light weight feel and quiet operation assures patient compliance.

These Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor uses oscillometry; the most widely accepted and validated method of automatic NIBP measurement. It has the capacity to measure systolic, diastolic, mean blood pressure and heart rate up to a 48 hour period. It is independently programmable allowing study specific measurement periods and inflation frequencies. Automatic measurement intervals are adjustable and can take place every 6 minutes (minimum) to every 120 minutes (maximum). Up to 12 different periods can be independently programmed, including an interval at which no readings are taken.

Different cuff sizes are available, ranging from Paediatric, Small Adult, Average Adult, Large Adult or Extra Large Adult. Each ABP Monitor is accompanied by a carry pouch, a hose, a bladder and a belt.

ABPM Brochure PDF