ECG Metrics Champion Consortium


Cardio Analytics is proud to work closely with the Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC) an open, multi-disciplinary, non-profit organisation comprised of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, academic and service provider organisations. The mission of the MCC is to develop, through a collaborative process, performance metrics within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, with the intent to jointly encourage performance improvement, effectiveness, efficiency, and appropriate levels of controls.

We are now able to provide a range of Metrics to all our sponsors including:

  • Percentage of turn around times met.
  • Number of data queries to site.
  • Percentage of on time machine shipments.
  • Variance in Budget.
  • Average length of Protocol initiation.

Currently Cardio Analytics can provide 16 different Metrics to the Sponsor. The Metrics prove to be a useful tool for analysing and identifying problems during studies. This can help prevent the same issues from arising again. We also use the Metrics internally to ensure that we constantly provide the highest level of accuracy expected from all of our Clients.