Holter Monitoring

Cardio Analytics can offer both 3-lead and 12-lead Holter monitoring services. The 12-lead Holter allows continuous 24 hour 12 lead ECG data collection offering the potential for 12 lead ECG extractions for subsequent QT evaluation at protocol specific time points. 12-lead Holter monitoring can capture every heartbeat for a more comprehensive view of cardiac activity over a 24 hour or 48 hour period and up to 7 days with a 3 lead recorder.

Prolonged ECG recording in patients engaged in normal daily activities is one of the most useful non-invasive methods to screen individuals for entry into clinical trials or document and quantify frequency and complexity of cardiac arrhythmia.

Although an extremely useful tool, the accuracy of the information derived from the recording is heavily dependant on the skill, knowledge and experience of the individual conducting the analysis.

At Cardio Analytics all Holter analysis is therefore conducted only by highly skilled and experienced Cardiac Data Analysts using state-of-the-art equipment, operating in a highly controlled analytical environment. Working rigidly to a standard reporting criteria both the accuracy and consistency of reporting is assured.

Report Generation

Every report is checked to make sure it meets our exacting standards. A full analysts report is then produced in accordance with Cardio Analytics standard reporting criteria (or Client specific).

Utilizing such enhanced manually reviewed computer technology, Cardio Analytics analysts are able to generate highly accurate and consistent measurements and reports with a full audit trail. Standard arrhythmia analysis, Heart rate variability, Signal averaging, Spectral analysis, ST segment and QT interval analysis options can all be performed.