Digital ECGs

ECG Measurement and Analysis

Cardio Analytics utilises the very latest in Digital ECG analysis and measurement software and was one of the first ECG service providers to utilise the MUSE CV for ECG analysis. Therefore we can now boast an unrivalled understanding and wealth of experience in using this highly effective tool.

Working closely with the manufacturers of the latest technology, Cardio Analytics is able to keep at the forefront in technical advances in digital ECG measurement using the latest state-of-the-art equipment which is used by a highly trained, skilful team in a strictly controlled analytical environment.

Single or Multiple Cardiac Data Analysts (CDAs) who specialise in electro cardiology measuring are assigned to a clinical study and work to standardized reporting and measurement criteria which is specifically compiled and unique to each study. All ECG measurements receive a second review from one of our in house Cardiologists.

All ECGs receive a comprehensive review to confirm measurement precision, the accuracy of clinical interpretation and that all of the Clients study specific reporting requirements have been satisfactorily completed.

To provide and maintain the highest level of accuracy in ECG reporting, all of Cardio Analytics Analysts are continually assessed and are required to perform regular statistically proven “Mean Intra Operator Variability Record Testing” procedures.

Together with highly skilled personnel, the highest level of continued training and using the latest advancements in digital ECG technology, we firmly believe that Cardio Analytics is the “Clear Choice” for providing QT interval, measurement and analysis.

ECG Databasing

ECGs are transmitted digitally to the Cardio Analytics MUSE CV System. Full data cleaning is then performed with each ECG checked for the accuracy of all demographic data entry and the quality and accuracy of the recording.

  • Data Queries
  • Demographic Data Checks
  • Digitally Stored in MUSE CV System

Study site notification of errors and data correction is performed as required. The ECG is then digitally data based within the MUSE CV System.