Echocardiography is used to examine the hearts structural health in clinical trials, it is a non-invasive technical and sophisticated test that allows a view of the anatomy, structure and function of the heart including:

  • Complete dimensions of the cardiac chamber
  • Cardiac wall thickness, left ventricular mass
  • Segmental wall motion analysis
  • Cardiac valvular structure, function and competency
  • Cardiac chamber pressures and filling capacities

Cardio Analytics Echocardiographers are highly trained in all echocardiograph modalities.

Echo Services include:

  • Analysis, which includes but not limited to, ejection fraction, cardiac output, fractional shortening, left ventricular volumes, and left ventricular mass.
  • Specific Doppler measurements required to evaluate left ventricular diastolic function, detection of diastolic dysfunction/heart failure before overt changes in ejection fraction are seen.
  • Single Cardiologist Echocardiographer interpretation for single subjects minimizes variability.