Holter Recorders

Cardio Analytics is able to provide two different types of Holter Recorder and therefore offer our Clients the maximum possible choice in tailoring their needs to achieve the requirements and expectations from a clinical trial.

Reynolds Lifecard CF Recorders

The Reynolds Lifecard CF which provides the capability for continuous Holter monitoring over a 7 day period. Life screen recordings will be able to select 24 hour portions of the seven day recording and carry out a standard 24 hour Holter analysis of arrhythmias, ST segment changes and Heart Rate Variability.

Digital 3 Lead Holder

  • 3 electrodes for 3 channels of ECG
  • ECG display during hook-up
  • 7-day continuous ECG recording

Through the utilisation of the Life screen program, the Lifecard CF can also be set up to act as a patient event monitor. In this function the monitor records the hearts activity for 7 days, with the subject pushing a small button at the start of any symptomatic events. These events can then be reviewed by the analyst following the recording period.

Mortara H12+ Recorders

The Mortara H12+ is a 12 Lead Digital Holter Recorder. This highly advanced equipment possesses up to 48 hours continuous 12 lead ECG recording capacity, using digital and flashcard technology.

12 Lead Digital Holter Recorder

  • Up to 48 hours continuous 12 lead recording capacity
  • Digital and Flashcard technology
  • Large LCG display

The large LCD display will enable clinicians to verify optimal ECG attachment for each lead without the use of an external ECG machine or test cable. With continuous 12 lead storage, clinicians can extract and view a true 12 lead ECG for any recorded beat.

Mortara H12+ Brochure PDF