Project Management

Cardio Analytics primary objective is to build long lasting relationships with our clients. Our Project Management Team is the focal point of communication and interface with the client, providing a personalised service to the study sites and to deal with all study issues and ensuring that each element of the study from start up to final release of data is dealt with smoothly and efficiently. A dedicated project manager is assigned to each individual study. All of our Project Managers are effective team leaders with highly developed inter personal skills.

Cardio Analytics can provide complete training and system support for study sites. Our Project Managers are constantly monitoring ECG transmissions to assess the quality and any identifiable data query trends so that additional site training can be provided where needed. Our project managers ensure the delivery and set up of equipment is done to meet study deadlines and coordinates all activities to ensure all study requirements and timelines are met with the highest quality.

  • Iniate and manage study logistics
  • Prepare study specific management manuals and documentation
  • Track study time points
  • Coordinate project activities
  • Resolve study issues as they arise

Our project management team produce essential documents and manuals that are needed to ensure the smooth and fast progress of the study. Their experience in study set up and management are crucial to ensure a study runs smoothly and efficiently. They work in close collaboration with the client so that every requirement is met.