The MAC5500, MAC5000, MAC1200 and the Mortara Eli 250 are the four electrocardiographs used as standard for all clinical trials. Cardio Analytics has recently added the MAC1600 to its equipment inventory. Cardio Analytics constantly holds a large supply of these machines and offers our clients the opportunity to rent machines in order to meet their specifications for each study.


  • 150 ECG internal memory with additional SD card memory storage facilities
  • Internal modem
  • Marquette Hook-up Advisor

Download MAC5500 Brochure PDF



  • 150 ECG floppy disk memory storage facilities
  • Large screen display
  • Marquette Hook-up Advisor

MAC5000 Brochure PDF




  • 40 ECG internal memory
  • Carry handle enables portable use
  • Lightweight and easy to use

MAC 1200 Brochure PDF


  • 100 ECG internal memory
  • Colour Display with Marquette Hook-up Advisor
  • Internal Patient Simulator for Validation

MAC1600 Brochure PDF


Mortara ELI 250 Rx

  • 60 ECG internal memory
  • Internal modem
  • Quick change settings