About Us

Established in 1994, Cardio Analytics provides a cardiac monitoring service and cardiac data analysis for the global clinical trial industry, a long with a wide range of investigative procedures specifically designed to test the core functions of the body and specializes in heart functionality. As an independent and privately owned company Cardio Analytics has proven commitment in aiding with client success.

Our unique position within the cardiac investigative monitoring industry ensures Clients receive the highest standards and performances to meet their cardiovascular safety needs. Our dedicated staff ensure that the clients and sponsors are put first, turnaround times are met, our technology is always state of the art and quality assurance is guaranteed to provide the Client with confident accurate results. The wide ranging services provided by Cardio Analytics are specifically tailored to the ever changing individual needs of our Clients at highly competitive prices and we believe we will not only meet but far exceed your expectations.

Cardio Analytics Quality Assurance has been accredited to ISO9001/2000 and successfully undertakes work at all stages of the drug research and development for the world leading pharmaceutical companies.